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You've Got That One Thing
You've Got That One Thing
Hello! :) Anisha&Sneha. Love One Direction. <3 US Directioners (since 2010/2011) This is a complete 1D blog ~ Anisha <3 Zayn Malik & Sneha <3 Harry Styles ~ Met 1D on 12th March 2012: Basically the best day of our lives <3 EEEE :D ~ If you follow us, thank you! We love you! x ~ We ship Zarry so hard omfg, but we also ship Larry & Niam <3

One Direction actually have the BEST/SWEETEST bus driver EVER.

Honestly, this man is just the sweetest! :’) He is SO loyal to One Direction, follows and replies to 1D fans, updates with his and their whereabouts and seems to have an amazing rapport with them! <3 We have to dedicate at least one post to him because he’s so awesome! :D

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